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Large format indoor and outdoor spaces for Playcare and Resort-style boarding + a dog pool.

For the overnight guests, find everything from individual guest rooms to the sleepover-style slumber rooms, the senior dog environment we affectionately call Park90. Daytime playcare pups can also enjoy our beautiful indoor dog pool at the Park9 Resort. Pretty much a dream dog vacation!

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The live streams at Park9 Pearson YYZ will connect you directly to our indoor playgrounds or the pool so you can be sure your dog is enjoying their vacation. Webcam access is also available in select overnight suites, please contact us for that individual link.


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overnight care for dogs

Taking off from the airport at 5am? Landing in the middle of the night? No problem, Our rates are based on a 24-hour visit so you can check in and out at your convenience.

At Park9 Pearson YYZ, your overnight stay includes playcare in both our secure outdoor and indoor playgrounds (playcare is even available on Statutory Holidays).

Please ask about additional grooming options and plenty of dog hotel amenities.

Boarding for Dogs
Room Type Description Price per Night 7+ Nights 2nd Dog 3rd Dog Peak Holiday Rate/Night
Premiere Loft 24 sq. ft. Ideal for small/med dogs. Soft cushioned dog bed included $69/night $65/night 20% discount 40% discount +$10
Signature Loft 36 sq. ft. Ideal for large breeds or two small dogs from the same family*, soft cushioned bed included. $79/night $75/night 20% discount 40% discount +$10
Slumber Room Spacious lounge with a dedicated overnight staffer. Your dog can select a comfy dog bed or snuggle up to the attendant $84/night $79/night 20% discount 40% discount +$10
Executive Suite 48 sq. ft., a large suite with soft cushioned bed, private TV and webcam. $89/night $85/night 20% discount 40% discount +$10
Senior Dog Room We offer a private sanctuary for our elderly friends, in a quieter part of the building, close to staff. Each room offers individually controlled in-floor heating and special bedding. All come with webcams and some rooms have TVs. Also great for special needs dogs Rates vary dependant on size and amenities. +$10

For more information on departure services such as individual grooming treatments, please click here. All departure baths are 10% off with your overnight stay!

Planning on longer stays or multiple visits? We offer packages to fit your busy schedule. Ask us for more details.

Peak rates apply to all (long or) holiday weekends and our Christmas season.  For exact dates, please inquire.

playcare pricing

  • Playcare Pricing
  • Service Price
  • 3-hour workout $29
  • Up to 6 hours of fun $39
  • Up to 13 hours $45

Plan on being a playcare regular? We offer 5, 10, 15 and unlimited day multi visit passes at discounted rates. They are valid for a 30-day period.

Recurring passes and memberships receive additional discounts. Fees are automatically charged to your credit card and can be cancelled at any time. Recurring memberships receive guaranteed reservations. Some terms and conditions apply*.

  • Playcare Passes & Membership
  • Service Price
  • 5 visit pass (valid for 30 days) $215
  • 10 visit pass (valid for 30 days) $405
  • 15 visit pass (valid for 30 days) $575
  • Unlimited use (valid for 30 days) As low as $23 a day! $699
  • Monthly Member: 5 visits (automatically renewing) $210
  • Monthly Member: 10 visits (automatically renewing) $396
  • Monthly Member: 15 visits (automatically renewing) $564
  • Monthly Unlimited Member (automatically renewing) $685

Terms and conditions for multi-visit passes and monthly memberships include:

  • Passes are not transferrable between dogs
  • Fees for passes and memberships are payable in advance
  • No credits or refunds will be issued for unused days
  • Membership fees via pre-authorized credit card only

overnight care for cats

Our Park9 Resort accommodates our feline friends too. We recognize that cats have very different and distinctive needs. Their requirement for mental and physical stimulation is met by our private and stress-free cat lofts, far away from the noise of the dog playrooms and suites. Each loft has plenty of strategically placed climbing and resting perches, a comfy bed, a separate sky loft (that overlooks the main play area) and of course its own litter box for their much loved privacy. For families that have both cats and dogs, we’re a one-stop boarding shop!

Each booking includes two, 20 minute, private one-on-one cuddle sessions in the communal play area with our trained staff members.

Peak rates apply to all (long or) holiday weekends and our Christmas season.  For exact dates, please inquire.

Boarding for Cats
Room Type Description Price per Night 7+ Nights 2nd Cat 3rd Cat Peak Holiday Rate/Night
Classic Loft 100 cubic ft. of private space $45/night $40/night 25% discount 50% discount +$5
Classic Loft with window 100 cubic ft. of private space $50/night $45/night 25% 50% +$5
Luxury Loft larger in size, these suites are ideal for multiple cats from the same family*. Includes private windows to outdoor bird feeders $55/night $50/night 25% discount 50% discount +$5

Thank you for taking care of our babies, Giacamo and Tumbler, this past weekend. I always have a hard time leaving them because they are very anxious dogs, but it was great being able to check in on them every once in a while (via your online camera) for peace of mind. Your staff have been nothing but caring and reassuring and that also makes all the difference.

- Kamini

Facility & Services

Conveniently located a few minutes away from Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1, we built our state-of-the-art, cage and crate-free facility to be the ultimate holiday destination for your dog (why should you have all the fun?)

Overnight options include a private guest room, or your dog can join a sleepover in a large slumber room with friends (including a staff member who spends the night). Your dog will never be caged or crated while in our care, and they are supervised 24 hours a day.

Daily playcare is included in all boarding prices in our expansive indoor and outdoor playgrounds and the showstopper; a chlorine-free and salt-free pool designed for dogs. (Daytime playcare guests are welcome too.) In a separate area off reception,  you’ll find our catwing; a quiet, soothing space full of individual cat lofts each with their own ventilation sytem.  There’s lots of natural light in our shared space for one on one play and cuddle-time with our staff.

Our resort property was custom designed to be environmentally friendly, with an array of features to keep your dog happy and healthy. The hospital grade HVAC system ensures the building is full of fresh air with heating in the winter and A/C in the summer. There is a custom designed daylighting system which is electricity free and operates by focusing natural sunlight through reflective tubing into the playground and pool areas. The light gets dispersed using a diffuser, ensuring that the quality of indoor light feels like the dogs are playing outdoors. We also use low voltage and LED lighting throughout. At the pool, UV technology filters the water so no harmful chemicals or salt is used that could dry out sensitive dogs’  skin and coats. Woven K9 Grass surrounds the pool, which is specifically made for dogs; it incorporates a flushing system under the raised grass that removes all waste and water from around the pool.

Our Policies

At Park9, the emphasis is always on ensuring your dog is having an enjoyable experience. Their safety and happiness is of paramount importance. Here are our company policies to ensure their fun visit and your peace of mind.

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How It Works

If this is your first time at Park9, we begin our relationship by assessing your dog to best understand everything from their temperament, obedience level and to which other dogs they will enjoy playing with! Once your four-legged friend has passed this mini interview, you are welcome to book them into our Pearson YYZ location for days of fun and well rested nights. (To get a head start, fill in our forms below.)

Visit us on an occasional basis or enroll in our Privilege Membership for frequent sleepovers. Our flexible policies make it easy for you to plan ahead or book a last minute overnight stay (though we absolutely recommend a reservation during peak boarding seasons).

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At Park9 Pearson YYZ we our favourite treats, toys and accessories that have been carefully selected and tested by our own dogs. With an emphasis on locally sourced, recycled and environmentally friendly products all your retail needs are covered. You can be sure we have an opinion about everything from the length of a leash to the perfectly appetizing dinner option, and we would be happy to share our expertise with you.


You guys make my weekends away all that more enjoyable because I know Alice is safe and HAPPY!

- Jeannette


Call us to book an assessment today! Please note: as part of our introductory process, all dogs must have completed an assessment before joining in on the fun. (It’s part of our Play Nice Policy and the best way we can get to know you and your dog). To get a head start, please complete these forms to tell us a bit more about your best friend.

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