Park 9-er Profile: Newton and Nelson

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Nelson and Newton have both been Park9 regulars since they were puppies.  At almost 12, Nelson came first in 2005 (down to a day a week now that he’s an old man) and 2 year old Newton has been a near-daily presence since early 2015.

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Newton’s current obsession is his fuzzy tree with the squeaky squirrels inside. At first he had a grand time trying to pull the little squirrels out of the holes but this clever boy’s productivity increased significantly once he figured out that if he shook the tree violently enough, the squirrels would fly out on their own.  Nelson complements this behaviour with his own favorite pastime, which is barking at Newton to chastise him for shaking the squirrel tree.

Their perfect day would be spent fetching a ball at Cherry Beach, preferably as far out into the lake as it can be thrown, and finding actual live squirrels and freezing into a perfect point in the futile hope that the humans will shoot the squirrels so they can bring them home.

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Nelson is a bit of a celebrity in that his portrait hangs in a place of honor on the wall of our Distillery District location, and has developed a fixation with Park9 Founder Susan to the point that where he insists on his place at her side,  inevitably presiding over the Wednesday staff meetings.

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Newton and Nelson have lots of daycare friends.  Nelson likes the old dogs he has known for years, especially Lola.  Newton likes nearly all dogs, except that he is inexplicably terrified of a couple of Basenjis.  The two of them have developed a habit of setting aside their sibling rivalry and playing together in the mornings when Nelson is at daycare – something they never, ever do at home.