Park9-er Profile: Murphy


This fluffy goofball is 2 years old and one of the Park9 Pearson YYZ originals. Murphy is like family to us, and it’s been such a treat to watch him grow from a precocious 4 month-old pup, through his awkward teen years and into adulthood. He spends most daycare days with attendant Jen and his dog besties Isla, Rocky and Bailey, trolling for chicken treats and jumping in the pool any chance he gets! Getting his paws checked is not Murphy’s favourite activity and usually ends up with him rolling on his back, playfully sticking his paws in the air!

Murphy has tons of energy and enthusiasm, and we have been working with him on his sit/stays at the door so he doesn’t rush out like a locomotive engine and tackle his poor mum or dad! They have been very dedicated to working with him on his commands and we have been right there along the way with reinforcements to help him find his “gentleman-like” potential.


When he’s not at Park9, his doggy dream-day involves relaxing at the cottage (his second favourite place on Earth), and surely enough, engaging in some light kitchen mischief. He was most recently spotted bringing down an entire crock pot of piping hot beef stew off the counter and eating the whole thing – glass and all. He had no regrets.