The Importance of Brushing

A well maintained coat is not only a testament to your dog’s good looks, but to his or her health as well. Proper brushing and deshedding will help to eliminate dust, dander, dead hair and excess undercoat trapped on your best friend!   Regular brushing will keep matting at bay, keeping your best friend more comfortable between grooming and bathing sessions.


Excess matting and undercoat can hide some pretty gross and potentially serious problems. Conditions such as hotspots, dermatitis and parasites can often be found under coats that have been left too long. Lumps, bumps, insect stingers, embedded burrs; we’ve even found paperclips!   Rule of thumb: if you can’t clearly see your dog’s skin, it’s probably time for a brush out!

We use only the best tools on the market, tried and tested on our own dogs and shared with you and yours!

We recognize that each dog is unique and each coat type is different and will personalize the service based on your dog’s individual needs.