We completely understand, of course you want to check in and see how your best friend is doing! We’ve hooked you up with live streaming webcams so you can do just that.


At Park9, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. Not only do we supervise your dog at all times while they’re in our care, we’ve arranged it so that you check in on your dog at any time too.

To view our live webcams, click on the webcam link buttons below using your computer or mobile phone.  Camera feeds can only be viewed through the browser and can no longer be shared and watched using the Nest app.

Please note, if you don’t see the dogs on camera, it means they are enjoying our outdoor playgrounds or napping off camera.

Liberty Village Playground 1 Webcam Link
Liberty Village Playground 2 Webcam Link
Pearson YYZ Indoor Pool Webcam Link
Pearson YYZ Playground 1 Webcam Link
Pearson YYZ Playground 2 Webcam Link
Distillery District Large Playground Webcam Link
Distillery District Small Playground Webcam Link